Playing the Video Game
In the special video game, Farming Genesis of Ancient Egypt: Queen Mirtnesh and the 70 Thieves!, the players utilize the game’s built-in artificial intelligence to manage the queen’s Dead Sea Lower Egypt farming region and its grain sales to Nile Valley Upper Egypt merchants. But first you have to stop the thieves! Can you?

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How to play the game!

1. Farm and Store Grain in the Granary

Read written messages from the queen in order to instruct and motivate the farm employees to farm, harvest and store grain in the granary. This grain is utilized to pay farm employees, and soldiers guarding the farming region, as well as to sell to the Nile Valley merchants.


2. Guard Farming Region from Thieves

More importantly, without security, the famous Queen Mirtnesh’s farming region would not have been able to operate successfully. Therefore, the kids will have to read the queen’s written messages in order to command the soldiers to stop the thieves intent on plunder the grain!


3. Sell Grain To Merchants

Having successfully accomplished those two critical tasks, the kids will send written invitations to Nile Valley Egyptian merchants, who will come in their ships and sail away with their loads of grain for sale in the Nile Valley markets, gaining the kids sales points.


Read the Companion Book to the Video Game
Read the companion book to the video game, “The Women Who Invented Writing and Ancient Egyptian Civilization” below.


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