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Women founded the first Egyptian City, large-scale farming & invented writing 5100 years ago

How and why Women Invented Writing 5100 Years Ago, fun games and activities, plus more

Ancient Culture, hairstyles, Fashion, food, recipes & more seen in hieroglyphic writing

Ancient Business, food, markets, Industry & Trade, & social culture seen in hieroglyphs

By participating Amazon book author, Legesse Allyn

About the author

Mr. Legesse Allyn is not a conventional Egyptologist per se, even though he has been studying Egypt and the hieroglyphs for the past 30 years. If one considers him to be an amateur Egyptologist, history has revealed amateurs who have discovered or invented new things which experts in a given field failed to discover or invent.

As such, if his discovery is real, it is phenomenal and revolutionary. Its impact on the study of hieroglyphs is tremendous. Moreover, open-minded Egyptologists can benefit a lot from his work.

Even the skeptics will have to examine it before they decide to reject or accept it.

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