Building Blocks To Leadership For Young Boys Of Color: Middle School Edition (Volume 1)


Aiding young men of color with the building blocks of leadership is a necessary tool and the building blocks Workbook uses the Common Standards of education to aid in this journey of discovery for young minds in need of character and consciousness. As educators, we recognize the silent genocide in America as it strikes at high-level stressors for young African American youth. Black Americans experience higher cardiovascular and metabolic disease, comparatively than any other population on Earth according to the World Health Organization. This is not a coincidence, but a consequence of being Black in America. The human journey is not easy, and destiny can be difficult to embrace. For Black America, a silent genocide mounts within . . . This is not an issue back-ordered from Amazon. This is about circumnavigating a difficult juncture in our nation’s social history. We are in this place because we are not Europe, Asian, African and Oceania, South American, Australian, and Canadian, Central American or Mexican; we are all of them.

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Building Blocks To Leadership For Young Boys Of Color (Book 1)


128 pages


CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (September 1, 2018)







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