Urban literacy project partnership

“Using Building Blocks To Leadership For Boys Of Color”

January, 2020

Urban Literacy Project is so excited to announce our new partnership with Microsoft! We will now provide a coding
class for our students. The class will take place two times a month. Currently we are meeting two times a week at
Ramona High School during office hours 10:46am-11:33am. Our focus this year is to help our students develop a
“Success To Excellence Agenda.” This will include a daily homework and study schedule for each day of the week to
help improve grade and study habits.

Parents thank you for allowing your child to participate in this mentoring/leadership support program.
We are seeking positive outcomes and improved grades, attendance, and behavior. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.

Email: dmorrow@urbanliteracyproject.org / spjeffer@urbanliteracyproject.org