Urban literacy project Coding & Sustainability Curriculum

Coding & Sustainability Curriculum


Urban Literacy now offers coding and coding through gamming provided to Urban Literacy Project students by our partner Microsoft. With our partner Microsoft we can work with students who are just beginning to explore what coding is and the role it plays in and on the digital world. This coding opportunity aims to encourage a wide range of students to explore computer science by teaching them to program and publish real apps and games through our Microsoft teachers. This class exposure is designed so that even students without any computer science background can quickly learn how to write simple programs. We also offer block coding or rather grad and drop so students can group/sequence a chain of commands to create a program. Students can learn to code easily as the science is embedded into games which students learn to sequence their own movements into the game.


Urban Literacy Project has a keen focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) and encourages our students to embrace the science and math into the technology they use. Urban Literacy Project believes in strong academics and in helping students find explore and develop their gifts and talents. Through our mentoring program we work to create long lasting mentorships with our students. Urban Literacy works to provide mentoring across a lifetime. We provide support for the students coming through our program and sharing resources locally which can benefit both the students and the family. It is the strength of these relationships with the home, school, and community which allows the program to be sustained.