Women Invented Literacy

Do you want your schoolgirls to know women invented writing? It’s true!

When women invented writing 5100 years ago, they also invented all the elements of civilization, including science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

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When you buy a print copy on Amazon, the book’s author Legesse Allyn will donate a print copy to the children of the ReadAlong Together Live! events.

The Book

How can it be true that women and school girls are less capable at literacy, science, technology, engineering and mathematics, when women are the ones who invented it all?

The info in the book finally dispels all the myths taught in the media, schools and in society as a whole, about women and their power in ancient days, from ground-breaking research.

This ground-breaking girls education book shows how intentionally mistranslated ancient texts about powerful ancient queens, have been turned into false stories of women thieves, dancing female pixies, and alleged dangerous women who must be burned.

Purposely mistranslated words written in black and white, ignored of their threat against women. Even ignored by and normalized in the minds of women themselves. Ruining the lives of women and schoolgirls alike.

But this can all change now when you donate and help support our Girls Education & Literacy Initiative. Now schoolgirls can take control of their past and abolish this primary source of the hated, subjugation and violence against women globally.


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Schoolgirls’ education has been molded by false and intentional interpretations of ancient texts, whose original meanings have been changed in a way for them to believe it is normal for girls and women to be discriminated against.

“Girls education goes beyond getting girls into school. It is also about ensuring that girls learn, feel safe while in school and have the opportunity to complete all levels of education acquiring the knowledge and skills to compete in the labor market.”

– The WorldBank

What’s inside


4.4 Million Years of Women’s Nurturing

Page 4


Female Cobras: Symbol of Women’s Power

Page 9


First City of Ancient Egypt Which Was Founded By Women

Page 30


Ancient Women Were Powerful & Had Women’s Rights

Page 8


Women’s Farming Nurtured Early Egypt

Page 20


Sewasew Invented Writing For Effective Communication Between the Farm and Markets

Page 94


This book provides an understanding of women’s history and culture in their development of Egyptian civilization by peering through the prism of dual hieroglyphic languages of Amarigna and Tigrigna and analyzing the hieroglyphs.

This approach affords us advantages of not only getting a deeper understanding of women’s history, but also an understanding of vast information about ancient Egyptian women lying embedded in hieroglyphic texts.

Meshing hieroglyphs in-between the women’s history of ancient Egypt, we take a look at ancient Egyptian women’s customs, trade and symbology.

This book lays foundations for the students, especially schoolgirls, to explore this path on their own about the ancient culture of females and schoolgirls’ ancient women’s rights.

The book paves way for appreciation of the cradle of all civilizations and how other cultures have readily embraced the elements of ancient Egyptian culture and civilization, without knowing it to be women’s culture.

This book showcases women’s ancient Egyptian culture, from where was born the civilization of the West and the world, and give schoolgirls, women and women’s culture its due credit.

Women civilized men, not the other way around.



“Given this fact, it is no wonder if they had left their impact and contribution to Egyptian civilization in a much broader sense, even from its beginnings, as Legesse Allyn asserts”

“As such, if his discovery is real, it is phenomenal and revolutionary. I would grab this book immediately and read it frantically.”
– Dr. Fikre Tolossa, PhD Literature

About the author

Mr. Legesse Allyn is not a conventional Egyptologist per se, even though he has been studying Egypt and the hieroglyphs for the past 30 years. If one considers him to be an amateur Egyptologist, history has revealed amateurs who have discovered or invented new things which experts in a given field failed to discover or invent. 

As such, if his discovery is real, it is phenomenal and revolutionary. Its impact on the study of hieroglyphs is tremendous. Moreover, open-minded Egyptologists can benefit a lot from his work.

Even the skeptics will have to examine it before they decide to reject or accept it.

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When You Buy One We Receive One Free
When you buy a print copy on Amazon, the book’s author Legesse Allyn will donate a print copy to the children of the ReadAlong Together Live! events.

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