Program Objectives

Skill Development

Alphabetic Code

(alphabet knowledge, phonological/ phonemic awareness (the ability to discriminate sounds in words), invented spelling

Print Knowledge/Concepts

(Students will have a reading list , timeline chart and pre/ post assessment)

Our primary goal is to improve the literacy level of these individuals so they can be avid readers of books.

The Urban Literacy Project Program Objectives are to improve literacy with youth and children who are achieving basic and far below basic reading levels from inner-city communities. This objective will be met by providing books and instruction at each child’s appropriate reading level. Urban Literacy Project will provide these services to children and youths in noncustodial , transient, homeless, foster care and incarcerated settings. Often times students living in these conditions do not have resources that the Urban Literacy Project provides

Program Focus

*Listening Comprehension

*Oral Language

*Vocabulary & Sight Words